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Meanwhile, country carpenters were turning out sturdy and polished dovetailing in their handmade pieces -- but favored two or three large dovetails, fairly symmetrical, over the more delicate and numerous joints in which master carpenters took pride.

The strength of the joint is the reason for its long popularity.

Examining these joints helps determine the age of old furniture.

The use of the joinery technique stretches back into prehistory, but its utility is still relevant.

Woodworkers cut dovetail joints in the latter part of the 17th century in England, using small delicate saws and wood chisels.

The marks are often visible, especially on the inside or underside of a piece.

Boxy shapes with joined wood angles were connected by dovetailing, a fact that contributed to the intact state of the grave goods when the pyramids and burial chambers were excavated.

The massive horizontal stone lintels at Stonehenge were connected by dovetailing, more rounded than triangular.

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It has sharp, even threads, a cylindrical shape, blunt end and the slot is still off center.

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