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Symbols of Jewish Holiday: Masks, costumes, noisemakers called graggers, hamantashen. Read more: Our Purim Resource Page includes videos, activities for children, booklets and more. It refers to Exodus , when God passed over the Israelites. Passover celebrates God liberating the Israelites from Egyptian bondage and is probably the single most theologically important holiday in the Jewish calendar.

(No pressure.) The holiday lasts eight days, though some communities may celebrate only a week.

This is a major holiday, meaning that traditional Jews take days off of work at the beginning and end of the eight days of the holiday, but work in the middle.

When is it: Starts the evening of April 8, 2020, March 28, 2021 Jewish Holiday Foods: Traditionally, Jews eat no bread or leavened food on Passover, and do eat matzah, an unleavened bread.

Cookies and cakes made out of nuts, like macaroons, are also big on Passover, as are candies that follow the special rules of keeping kosher for this holiday.

Activities: Observant Jews don’t eat bread or other leavened foods and have big holiday meal called a seder where they retell the story of the Exodus from Egypt.

Symbols of Jewish holiday: Candles, hallah, wine, flowers. Read more: Our Shabbat and Havdalah Resource Page includes booklets, a Guide to Shabbat and Havdalah for Interfaith Families, blessings and more.

Hebrew name means: Head of the year—idiomatically, New Year. A solemn holiday beginning the calendar year with repentance from sin and the hope of renewal.

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