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"It is significant that the spectrum of emotion in the memorial is expressed in light, not shadow.

You didn't like my attempt to channel a Lefty professor? I'll run through the checklist: 1) My conspiracy theory blamed America first. More notables from the minutes: By unanimous decision, the Arizona Capitol Mall Commission selected a conceptual design.Later in the article: Jones has had to look carefully.Along with artists Maria and Matt Salenger, he has designed the Arizona 9/11 Memorial.Gore’s Opposition to the Vietnam War,” in Randall Woods’, The New Anti-Imperialists: Senate and House Opposition to the Vietnam War (New York: Cambridge University Press, 2003): 204-36 “White Knight for Civil Rights? “Internationalizing the Teaching of American Foreign Relations: Incorporating the Foreign Perspective into the Classroom,” AHA Perspectives (November 1996): 23-26, 30.16 I know how the history professor could've found it factual. Whenever I see that, I lean into the screen, light a cigarrette and keep my beer close, cuz I know it's gonna be fun.I don't care who opens a comment with that, I'm possitive that we are gonna get to the center of one of these layered arguments.18 From the meeting minutes: Woosley said that in the interest of time, that staff from the State Library and the Arizona Historical Society’s Tempe museum should do random checking of the text.

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Not that I want to do anything or even contact the bastard, but I want it made a matter of public record who this assclown is and what kind of background he has.

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