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Someone who actually has patience & enjoys taking me shoppingperks moisture level rising.MOST IMPORTANT RULE OF ALL ( now take note boys n gurls ) YOU MUST ENJOY LICKING MY PUSSY !!!! Now i definately don't like the presence of the Feminine whiney type guys....someone who looks in the mirror more than I do..... Eeeeeeewwww n smelly peeps who obviously do not know the meaning of hygene. no pretences, no masks LOVES to meet new people and make new friendsa bit socially awkwardcan't dancelikes to sing - along with the radio LOVES Portland, OR - any part of the Pacific North West..just a bit of a mental case - and loves every minute of itlikes Klub Kaos, wants to go againnot working currently, though searching hopelessly for a jobsoon to be homeless if things don't work out where I am at, oh wellloves to have funeats salad almost more married dates anything else, but loves chocolate dohnutscan be a bit childlike sometimesloves to cuddlehas a love/hate relationship with zombies - they scare the fuck out of me! no exceptionsbrown hair, brown eyes3 tattoos, 2 piercingshonest, loyal, caring, lovingheadstrongspontaneousloves movies, concerts, etc...camping, hiking, traveling, exploring, etc...loves to try new thingslikes to be able to just be me.

Not interested in anyone who is married or in a relationship, but someone who enjoys male company, likes a night or day out and thinks that life is for living I am a white mail 6 ft tall 230 lbs , I am looking for a mature women late 30 to laqte 50 My Ideal Person:a women betwen 40ad 60 who knows what she likes and is not affraid to go after it.

....hmmmmmm Oh and did I mention I love my Boy Toys from time to time.....

Okay okay we all know actually ANYTIME...winks Now chemistry, heat, passion, electricity..good old fashion FIRE is absolutely essential.

I am adventurous and looking to have fun and open to explore and try different things as long it doesn't involve much pain or insult. 25% of these married women will meet this person whom they have been engaged in an online relationship, and will end up having a real-life affair.

(Rochester, 14616 , Monroe County) I've posted a few times but haven't found the right guy. is fluent in icanhascheezburger, but isn't annoying with it... I didn't enlist the help of an online community of married people looking for a lover, but found my date much closer to home. Together we embarked on a six-month dating experiment that was at times ridiculous, often funny, and ultimately responsible for bringing back the magic.

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