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What the heck does your wikipedia entry, R82, have to do with anything?

You are so far off base and demented and uneducated and low brow and unsophisticated that your own personal reality is not anywhere near reality."Educated men with masters and Phd degrees - or just educated men in general - often do not watch porn at all." I actually do know a couple men who don't watch porn at all, but I don't think education has much to do with watching porn.

He can undress a guy in a split second with his eyes.

Obsessed with the "Alpha" male status, male bonding (like "bros before hos") and male dominance over weaker guys (weaker = the real fags he's not part of). Like: One day he hates Kylie Minogue and the next he knows all the lyrics of her songs.

My hunch is that 82's point, which I thought completely obvious even with my porn-addled faculties, is that the pornographic entertainment industry is massive, indicating that many men, probably from all walks of life with all kinds of educational and occupational backgrounds, watch the stuff.

He said he understood Madonna’s song What it Feels Like For A Girl? How does he react when an openly gay man is introduced to him.

was about, but men just didn't get it but he did, my eyes rolled. I said, you sexually used women, which is bottom of the barrel, and played with their emotions. He continues to point the finger at men saying what scum they are, and how they mistreat women. I think bisexual guys are much more major users, and losers than straight guys. I'm guessing it will be one of two extremes: completely avoiding the gay man's gaze, or lettling lose "Travolta style" and leering at him as if nobody notices.

So for most gay men, watching gay porn is more common.

If he pretends to date very famous, very rich, blond actress or singer that have zero sex appeal and are total phonies.

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