Dating people in wheel chairs Sex chat sites ca

Dating a woman in a wheelchair means that no matter where you go, you’ll have more cargo room than you could ever possibly use.

It’s like having your very own Costco shopping cart to fill up any way you want.

Basically, you’ll always have your space as long as she can’t get to her wheels.

But watch out when she does, she might run you over.

Her chair functions as a coat rack and is extremely handy when grocery shopping.

What you have chosen, will remain yours and no one else’s.

A girl in a wheelchair will always be right where you left her.

She doesn’t get in the way, you can move her if you need to tidy up and you can put her in another room if you want to watch tv in peace and quiet.

Don’t worry about parking, it’s free and the best spot is all yours.

If you date a girl in a wheelchair, you will be seen as “a good guy” even without doing volunteer work or visiting grandma in the home.

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