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Personally not for me because of the dubcon and psychological end.

I like extreme smut, but because of the way the story is set up with what we know about the main guy I did not find it to my taste.

Just as long as you keep in mind that it'll be fast paced.

I'm giving a 4 for what it is - and knocking a star off mostly because I would've preferred more details and drawn out longer and art could be better I suppose.

Just ending up with both would've left it much less confusing in my opinion.

Definitely agree that this story is good at first sight, but lacks depth. The heroine did seem interesting compared to others, and this story had potential..was shocked that the third one was the last.

I really did enjoy this story - sure it was indeed rushed near the end, but I second that the heroine was not a pushover.

***Spoilers ahead possibly***It involves the heroine falling into basically a cult village with only men.However considering that she had stronger feelings for Kei since the start - I thought in this case it was fine.On top of that the guy she was with was a total honest I would warn that the guy she was first dating, might be triggering to some people since he does forcibly make her do some acts that and again spoiling, but there is attempted rape as well as molestation :( which leads to why she probably seemed meek/going with the flow.Im using parse and sometimes my query will return an empty list.I want to be able to handle this condition by showing a text in the text view.

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The code seems to be working fine when the list does return objects but not when the list is empty.

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