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Darick - no problem with aftermarket stocks if you don't mind the effort to fit them.

Just be sure to keep the original stock around with the - 342,7xx would probably be 1933. The Z stamp is just an inspection stamp at that time, it has no correlation to dates.

The front half of the oval’s circumference and whatever is inside the oval in front of the letter “E” are indistinguishable.

The letters “O” and “Q” were skipped and not used due to their similar appearance.

Pictures are by far the best way for us to give you accurate information on.

Michael D, 197,5xx would be either later 1917 or possibly earlier 1918.I found an old savage but I'm having problems dating it. Supposedly according to the seller, its a 1949, but the boss is stamped with a cloverleaf?? Value will depend totally on what condition it is in as well as what model of Savage 99. They were an old retiring couple and they were trying to get rid of a ton os stuff.He had these four guns in his closet that his deceased brother passed on to him, and those guns in turn were passed on to him from their grandfather, etc.

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