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The vacation allowance is also generous and starts at 30 days a year.For those looking to further their higher education, tuition assistance and other military benefits are available to current and former Coast Guard members.Chiefs, by long-standing custom and tradition, are considered separate and distinct leaders within their assigned command.They serve as leaders to the entire unit, not just to those within their chain of command.

However, the XO cannot invite only selected enlisted members, as that constitutes disparate treatment and it would be prejudicial to good order and discipline.In other words, if Sailors see an officer having one of those types of relationships with an enlisted Sailor, they might wonder whether the officer is giving preferential treatment to that Sailor in situations like duty assignments or special privileges, which could create morale problems.Typically, personal relationships among officers or among enlisted members are not prohibited.Members of the Coast Guard service are paid twice a month, and only the base pay rate is subject to federal or state income tax.Unlike reservists, if you become an active Coast Guardsman, you won't get to choose where you will be stationed.

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However, it is prohibited if the relationship calls into question a senior's objectivity; if it results in actual or apparent preferential treatment; if it undermines the authority of a senior; or if it compromises the chain of command; among others.

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