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looks at the work of BU researchers and medical experts who study and treat the causes and consequences of violence.

’” With those reports, she says, “we can literally see on the day before or after a violent episode how the young women report feeling about their partner.” Although it is too early in the analysis to be definitive, the pediatrician says her research appears to support the premise that romantic relationships of adolescents look different from romantic adult relationships, and that, among other things, adolescents may be more likely to view abuse as a normal part of a relationship, continuing to feel attached to their partners and/or view some of the abusive actions as evidence of love.

Those are crucial distinctions, Bair-Merritt says, because interventions that focus mostly on safety planning and resource connection may not be sufficient.

Considered together, the four stories depict a vicious cycle of hurt, frustration, and vengeance that reverberates through every aspect of American life.

Intimate partner violence may be the most widespread form of abuse with the greatest ability to hide in plain sight.

There they laid out the case for more research involving the neighborhood and societal-level influences on that violence.

In fact, BU researchers say, even many people involved in abusive partner relationships don’t think of the mistreatment as abuse.

Yet over the course of a lifetime, one fourth to one third of women in the United States will be abused by an intimate partner.

If the data from the larger study support that conclusion, Rothman’s next steps would include an effort to see if the technique can be transferred to other settings or used by other mentors, such as parents or friends.

While Rothman studies the effectiveness of her efforts at BMC’s emergency department, Bair-Merritt is digging into data from her research among the notoriously understudied population of inner-city youth, in this case 16- to 19-year-old girls in Baltimore.

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