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On the original you had a single stage trigger, but the Series 2 sports a rather snappy two stage affair.

The vast majority of the creep has been removed, leaving behind what feels on the range like a very crisp break.

Weatherby is known the world around as a maker of extremely fine firearms, especially of the hunting variety.

But those firearms are generally pretty expensive, so Weatherby came out with their “Vanguard” line of rifles not too long ago priced to meet the demand of the shooter on a budget.

This rifle was designed to be fired using a scope, but the way the stock is designed means you either need to be happy with an inadequate cheek weld or get yourself a cheek riser to get your eye on the right level.

I don’t get why companies can’t just make the comb of the stocks a little bit higher so I don’t need the riser.

The new Vanguard Series 2 rifles, on the other hand, are all guaranteed to be 1 Mo A or better out of the box. I was able to score two rounds touching, then one low but still within an inch before the rounds started drifting.

This becomes a problem when you’re trying to make precision shots, as it usually has an adverse effect on the barrel harmonics and can apply pressure on the barrel moving it slightly off center. The Series 2 fixed a number of issues with the stock, but it still isn’t free floating.

Operation: Bolt action Finish: Matte blue (Rifle DOES NOT come with bipod, scope or mounts) Capacity: 5 1 MSRP: 9 Ratings (Out of Five Stars) Remember: ratings are based on the merits of the firearm compared to other similarly priced and marketed firearms.

So five stars here is nowhere near five stars on an Accuracy International.

The problem is that their first attempt sucked (relative to what they were capable of doing — I still gave it four stars).

Enter the Series 2, the next incarnation of the Vanguard that supposedly fixes all the problems. There were three main problems with the original Vanguard rifle: the trigger was creepier than Uncle Joey, the stock looked and felt like it was designed by Kia (i.e.

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