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When I didn’t get an overseas scholarship, he couldn’t understand why I was so upset.

He thought getting my parents to pay for the expensive tuition was no big deal.

Sarah, 19 My ex-boyfriend was from an elite all-boys school whereas I was from a neighbourhood school.

When we got together in JC, it felt like a Romeo and Juliet love story because we came from such different backgrounds.

So my boyfriend booked us an Uber to his place and tucked me into his bed.

Hanging around him became frustrating as I had to keep explaining to him why his comments were insensitive.He was ashamed of my ‘inferior’ neighbourhood school background as it was ‘beneath him’ to be associated with people like me. Rachel, 20 At 16, I dated my first love who was the most supportive and adoring boyfriend I’ve ever had.He was always there to listen, whether it involved a text about scoring well on an exam or a rant about a tiring day.He was from a well-to-do family and would treat me kindly and with respect.However, he had a hard time recognising his own privilege.

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They’d hold doors open, make sure I walk on the inside of the road and drop a “Thanks for the nice dinner” text after a date more often than guys from mixed schools.

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