Dating your real estate agent

“A lot of times they’re just machines snapping up every listing they can get and overpricing them so they don’t sell.” Photo Credit: Getty Images Acting disorganized or canceling and showing up late to appointments is unprofessional and sends the wrong message to everyone involved, says Glink.

“If, as an agent, you’ve broken the professional trust, when you approach the seller with advice or feedback about something they’re doing to impede showings or offers, the seller’s going to be too mad at his agent to listen,” warns Allan.

You may think you want a bulldog who will fight for a deal, but if you don’t like your agent, chances are, no one else will either.

So choose the most qualified person for the job, but also someone you think will make a good partner at every step of the journey.

Much like a quarterback competing in the season of a lifetime, buyers and sellers depend on their real estate agents to carry them to the playoffs, helping them reap the investment they’re after, or put their hard-earned cash toward the starter home of their dreams.

In today’s depressed market, it isn’t enough for an agent to be well-qualified—he or she has to be a creative problem-solver and resourceful to boot.

Another tip-off it’s time to ditch your agent is when you find yourself working a little too closely with the agent’s assistant, instead of the agent his or herself, says Glink.

“The agent should lay out clearly for the seller what the expectations should be,” she says.

It’s unfortunate when buyers and sellers get saddled with a self-involved agent who comes off as too busy to care, too arrogant to listen or too eager to coerce you into purchasing a home that you’re just not that into.Here are eight ways to tell if it’s time to put your house hunt on hold and shop for a new realtor instead.Photo Credit: Getty Images While you shouldn’t expect your agent to be on call 24/7, he or she should respond to your voicemail and texts in a timely fashion, says Jennifer Allan, a former realtor in the Denver area and author of Sell with Soul.You’ll spend a lot of time with your agent, so you need to be able to have serious conversations with them and be confident in their negotiation skills.There’s nothing worse than not being able to look Aunt Edna in the eye next Thanksgiving because you weren’t able to make it work with her best friend and real estate agent.

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“Everyone deserves time off,” she says, “but an extended vacation, or not sharing vacation plans with the client and how they plan to stay on top of your listing while they’re away is just out of line.” Photo Credit: Getty Images The very first meeting with your agent should feel like a counseling session. You want someone with the heart of an adviser,” not someone who acts like a used car salesman.

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