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I agree with Seretha and Simone’s stance on the importance of continual learning and innovation.

We will never know it all or reach perfection, yet it is super important to aspire for better when and where needed.

Also, choosing to play it safe and not step outside of my comfort zone is something I still battle with.

Episodes range from 20-30 minutes in length and contains an interview, Nicole Walker's Takeaway of the Week, and Nicole Walker's Leadership Challenge of the Week. This podcast features interviews with fearless, successful female leaders in the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

According to Simone the requirements to obtain knowledge are, being willing to learn, being able to listen, and asking questions.

Knowledge opens the door to the unknown, and is required to be a successful leader.

As a die-hard lover of hip-hop, she also wanted to show fellow Christians that we can still enjoy our music while keeping our ears and spirits pure.

She has continued her entrepreneurial pursuits and launched a subscription box, Eat Train Cleanse, with her sister.

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