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The interim Committee consisted of 12 persons whereof Swami Swaroopanand was President and Pandit Bal Krishna Misra was Secretary.

If so, whether plaintiff has been installed as Shankaracharya according to those rules?

Plaintiff and appellant, both adduced 42 witnesses each, i.e.

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PW 6 (Plaintiff) Swami Sri Swaroopa Nand Saraswati, Disciple, Brahmleen Swami Brahamanand Ji Saraswati 6.

Another meeting of Committee was held on , after publication of 'Will', and according to that Sri Ram Ji Tripathi (Swami Shantanand Saraswati) was to be installed as Peethadhishwar of Jyotirmath/Jyotishpeeth.

Whether rules have been propounded in the books Mathamnaya and Mahanushasan composed by Adi Guru Shankaracharya for installation of Shankaracharya on four Seats (Peethas) including badrikashram, established by him in India?You can also specify multiple comma-separated field values for the Data Key Names property, for example if you need more than one value to be passed to the details data source in a master-details scenario.Ole Db, which does not have support for named parameters so the order in which parameters are appended to the command must match the order of anonymous parameter placeholders '?For more information on how Old Values is used by data sources, refer to the Using Conflict Detection section below.The example below shows a technique for retaining the selected row across a sorting or paging operation.

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You can change the names and values of Object Data Source parameters in events, similar to the Sql Data Source example above.

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