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Don’t go to bed before 2200 hours, unless you’re sick. Remember, the saying, “There is more than one way to skin a cat.” In the fire service there are many ways to accomplish a task and some easier than others.

Technology changes all the time, if you don’t keep up with it, it will pass you by quickly. The time you spend riding backwards will be the most fun you have in your career. Don’t tell us how smart you are, it will only take a couple of days to figure out if you’re going to be a good firefighter. Follow the standard operating procedures on grooming. During your probie year you will be expected to follow the grooming and uniform standards, even if the senior people don’t. Most firehouses have seating assignments in the dining room and bunkrooms. Last but not least, I want your coworkers to know that when the SHIT hits the fan and things go bad, they can expect you to be right there next to them, not behind them. Probies From the first day you walk into the firehouse until the day you retire you will be like a bug under the glass being looked at. Ask the other firefighters if they want more and make a pot if they do.I can promise you that everyone is paying attention to you. The young firefighter knows the rules, but the old one knows the exceptions. Don't make a scene and never disrespect your brother. Never take the seat that faces the television when sitting at the dinner table.

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If you are running to get on the load, you aren’t thinking about what you will need to do…slow down and THINK.

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