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Married on their first date, they have remained committed to each other from day one, despite the obstacles presented by the world around them.

Among those obstacles are Dharma's counterculture parents, Abby and Larry, who recently brought another bohemian bundle of joy — baby Harry — into the world.

Greg remarks he and Dharma missed something as they didn't date before wedding, so they decide to pretend to be unwed lovers. Of course the date goes wrong, but his argument presenting themselves to his parents is too weird, even for her, makes her start a row and return to her wacky parents, yet like a love-sick puppy he willingly goes to extreme lengths to be 'forgiven', stripping on the goat's lawn.

In 1999, Jenna Elfman won a Golden Globe for playing Dharma Freedom Finkelstein Montgomery, the upbeat yoga instructor on ABC's sitcom Dharma and Greg.

On the other side, literally, are Greg's uptight, blue-blood parents, Kitty and Edward, who've slowly but surely come to accept the fact that their son married outside the country club boundaries.

A new path in life opens suddenly at the newlyweds' feet when Donna, the express checkout girl at their local supermarket, reveals that she has been dumped by her boyfriend just as she is about to bear his child.

The show was nominated for six Emmys, ran for five seasons, and outpaced everybody's expectations.

The entertainment landscape has significantly changed, and most would argue for the better.

Elfman hasn't exactly been off-screen since the podcast started, having starred in two sitcoms and made several cameos on various television shows, but Jenna and Bodhi have been married for more than 26 years, and as their podcast attests, it's taken quite a bit of effort on both of their parts to make the union last harmoniously.

During an interview with last year, Elfman cited humor as the catalyst for a healthy marriage.

Here's why she's been forgotten by Hollywood, and how she might make her ways back.

Jenna Elfman was introduced to Scientology by her husband Bodhi in the mid-'90s, and she's been heavily involved ever since.

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