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He shows me a video of him and Reid in bed together, where she’s naked but mostly obscured by Pump’s foot, which is adorned with a few of his diamond rings, and has a joint wedged between his toes.

She takes a few hits, and then sucks on his big toe. “I used to think that shit was gay, but then I was like, wait.”You likely know a Lil Pump song even if you can’t name it.

“I get to do whatever I want.” The Friday I arrive at Pump’s rental, it’s 4 p.m. She looks to be about Pump’s age, with her big eyes and baby-doll bangs, but is actually 27.

“We had a VERY good time,” Pump tells me, raising his eyebrows like Milhouse.

With me, he veers between the character he’s playing in public, talking about the drugs he likes (mushrooms at the beach, acid in the studio, molly at a bowling alley) and the person he seems to be at least some of the time: a sulky teenager who can’t find his weed.“I’mma be 18 forever,” he says, waving a joint around. and You Tube Music listening party for Harverd Dropout was the night before, and Pump spent the evening partying with Riley Reid, who, he likes to boast, is the #1-rated porn star on Pornhub.When they do, he angrily slams a steak and plastic cup of macaroni and cheese into the microwave, then sits next to his producer to half-heartedly pick at it. To help him forget about the almost-misplaced weed, they play music at an ear-splitting volume — mostly his own songs at first, with lyrics like “Walk around with my side bitch on a leash” — until his mood finally lifts.He pours more cough syrup into his fluorescent Fanta and then onto his steak while someone records him.Based on the amount of attention he gets from women, both his age and much older, homeboy’s gonna, like, get it.Yet for someone whose career is largely built on an image of a person who doesn’t give a fuck, who’s never sober, and who at a very raw age has all the money in the world and none of the responsibilities of it, he’s surprisingly static in real life.

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