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After that came Bwaa and Dzumbe and then Chikore, Tsulini and Ko Kare which were built as ‘guest houses’ to circumvent the planning regulations of those days which specified 4 acres as the minimum amount of land per house.

At night, flickering lanterns bring the house and garden to life.Well-wishers through Facebook, hope to get the man's plight to the German Embassy or any of his family or friends.READ ALSO: Kenya’s richest singer shows the face of her elderly, rich ‘sponsor’ (photos)Guileless tourists who fancy the Kenyan white sands sometimes fall prey to women who walk the Kenyan coastline looking for a kill. We live within nature’s cycles and do not water the lawns during the dry season.The buildings are designed to utilise the breeze for natural cooling.

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The pristine beach is the main attraction, Once two family homes, now merged, Afro Chic retains that homely feel, but is somewhat lacking in personality – hopefully time will bring that.

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