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Subsequently, the couple married in 1988 in front of close friends and family.In an interview with Huffington Post, Jimmy clarified on getting married so early by saying: Mother of Two Children!sentenced him to career jail, was released in the nineties sweet spot: before cheap CG made action sequences easy, but just before the decline in the public’s desire for old-school, high-octane action.

Director Doug Liman and writer/star Jon Favreau shot it quick and nasty, guerrilla-style, but the heart and soul of the movie still rings true after 20 years.After three years of marriage, Gina welcomed her first child in 1991 in the form of a daughter, Katie.Two years later Gina gave birth to her second children, son named Kevin in a devilishly simple but fiendishly complex action-horror-puzzle movie, with a videogame-like structure, a fantastic conundrum at its core and the constant promise of gore behind each door.The set-up is simple: six strangers wake up in a large cube, with each wall and surface containing a door to another cubed-room with six more doors.

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