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It is historically called the "Rice Bowl of India".

More than 77% of its crop is rice; Andhra Pradesh produced 17,796,000 tonnes (19,616,732 short tons) of rice in 2006.

Mummy and Daddy went into the kitchen area to aid Nanny Mallu Aunty and Grandad prepare for the party. But he didn't want to see Nanny upset, so he instructed her, "It's Ok, we can buy a Xmas pudding on Boxing Day and we can have a next Christmas supper."Nanny smiled and hugged Roger. Quickly the individuals started arriving for the party.

Roger stayed in the dwelling area hunting at all Nanny's Xmas playing cards. Just as Roger was thinking about the card a huge scream came from the kitchen. Jointly they started out laying out all the foods and drink for the celebration. There was Uncle Bob and Aunty Jean, Aunty June and Uncle Invoice, Uncle Fred and Aunty Freda, and Aunty Nelly and Uncle Sid.

It is India's fourth largest state by area and fifth largest by population, with more than 84 million inhabitants in 2011.

At initial Nanny appeared surprised to see him, then she looked satisfied and they hugged one particular yet another.

Nanny discussed it was her brother, Uncle Tom, and she hadn't noticed him for a lot of many years.

Uncle Tom gave Nanny a huge bag, and he gave Roger a neatly wrapped existing."Do not open up it right up until morning." mentioned Uncle Tom.

The state comprises four regions: Telangana, Coastal Andhra, Uttarandhra, and Rayalaseema.

The primary official language of Andhra Pradesh is Telugu[8] and the co-official language is Urdu.

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