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Earlier his year, Fiennes was asked if he’ d like to continue playing M beyond Craig’s incarnation. I would be very happy to continue on.”He certainly wouldn’t be the first actor to play M with different Bond actors.Bernard Lee starred opposite Sir Sean Connery, George Lazenby and Sir Roger Moore.Dench still seems elfin, determined to focus on “the pluses.”I tell her that I read a recent interview in Radio Times with Ginny Dougary that she pointed the reporter in the direction of “a lovely naughty knicker shop” in Covent Garden but told her not to buy everything there because she was going, too.“I like it,” Ms.Dench conceded to me about lingerie, “but I don’t think about it.”She also told Ms.

Then Dench was introduced as M in Pierce Brosnan’s films, before returning for the big reboot opposite Craig.Behind them is a portrait of Judi Dench’s M, confirming a little cameo of her character in Bond 25.There was a similar former M portrait of Bernard Lee’s incarnation in 1999’s The World Is Not Enough, starring Piers Brosnan.Three years later Dench reprised the role for a posthumous video of M in Spectre, leaving a message in the event of her death.And now it’s been confirmed her M will cameo in the upcoming Bond 25.

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Dougary that older people should never give up on sex, noting that “of course, you still feel desire.”I ask about her tattoos.

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