Effective dating tips for introverts

I don’t like walking up to strangers just to ask them what they do, because it feels cynical and false.Plus — if I’m being honest — I’m terrified of talking to people I haven’t already vetted for “safe”-ness.But if a particular networking group or meeting makes your insides shrivel up for reasons other than boring old nerves, do yourself a favor and . Be the first to arrive at an event, so the next person who walks in will have to come over and talk to you.(Ha!I keep things simple, by not going to networking events that are held before a.m., and by not joining any group that tells me I must refer business to its members (or else). )If you’re not the first one there, head straight for the coffee point.If I wanted to survive in the business world, I was going to have to get out and meet new people face-to-face — whether I liked it or not. This is mainly because I’ve added some “networking tweaks” that work very well for me, as somebody whose social energy drains away far too irritatingly easily.

Inevitably though, I realized that my impersonal marketing plan was only going to get me so far.Those that have the potential to evolve into something more meaningful than chats about the weather.This will naturally result in better business, because over time, you’ll get to understand people’s needs in more detail, so you’ll know exactly how you can help them. With so many networking opportunities available, it can be tempting to think you have to go to every event, just in case.Just like the process of getting fit, you’ll probably start out absolutely hating the whole thing.But as you persist, you’ll start to feel a begrudging sort of affection for networking.

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