Error validating execution rights for agent

j Query (or whatever library you are using) will then handle the differences in the background, so you don't have to.Things have got much better since then; modern browsers do a good job of supporting "classic Java Script features", and the requirement to use such code has diminished as the requirement to support older browsers has lessened (although bear in mind that they have not gone away altogether).If you are not already familiar with the basics of Troubleshooting Java Script, you should study that article before moving on.There are a number of common Java Script problems that you will want to be mindful of, such as: As with HTML and CSS, you can ensure better quality, less error-prone Java Script code using a linter, which points out errors and can also flag up warnings about bad practices, etc., and be customized to be stricter or more relaxed in their error/warning reporting.At this point, the right-hand side will update to show some very useful information.

There are other ways to use such linters; you can read about them on the JSHint and ESLint install pages.Make a local copy of our example (see the source code also).If you look at the console, you'll see the following output: The error message reads "Type Error: json Obj is null", and the line number signified is line 37.Click on line number 51 in the center panel to add a breakpoint to it (you'll see a blue arrow appear over the top of it).Now refresh the page (Cmd/Ctrl R) — the browser will pause execution of the code at line 51.

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