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There is no need for you to register separately on this chat app.Once you have connected your Facebook or Instagram accounts with Insta Message, you will be able to upload photos from your Instagram and Facebook profiles as well as your phone's gallery to enhance your Insta Message profile.Insta Message – Chat, Meet, Dating offers three basic options to you, Explore, Chats and Friends.These are all lined up at the bottom of the app and you can enter each option's window by simply tapping on their icon.It offers you the chance to use your Instagram and Facebook accounts for setting up your profile.You get to share your Instagram photos and use the information you have stored on your Facebook account on your Insta Message profile.

It is important to note that the app offers you the chance to have private chats with Instagram users.Insta Message – Chat, Meet, Dating has a user-friendly interface and using its different features and options isn't that difficult even for first-time users.Insta Message – Chat, Meet, Dating asks you to sign-in into the app using either your Facebook or Instagram account.The Chats option of Insta Message – Chat, Meet, Dating is where you will find all of the messages that you have received from users and friends and the chats that you have had with them in the past.This chat app offers a number of different modes of chatting to you.

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