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Yes he was lying to you when he said he doesn’t have thoughts about all those women on his face. Its your famous porn argument you love to make when you’re reassuring us you don’t want a bigger dick. Let me be clear here: if you’re at a size where you’re a health risk then its time to cut weight, babygirl.But understand – I’m sorry did you get distracted just now ? Oh we know its bullshit but so was that little lecture I gave you about all vag being equal and yours being more special than the rest…lol. My point is we will always look at other women, that’s just what men do. I’m sorry but I would much rather you live than…you know…because you couldn’t say no to Wendys that one (last) time.This helps keep away the time wasters and fake accounts, meaning that everyone you meet on our site is genuine and here for the same reason you are, sex!We offer a free membership trial to anyone looking to try our site for the first time.So if you are one of those people it’s time to stop browsing the porn sites for that quick BBW fix, and it’s time to start browsing real large members online here that are looking for a real naughty meetup right now. All our pages are protected with the latest in data encryption and online privacy tools, meaning that all your activity and personal information is guarded whenever you log into our site.As well as that we employ a real human moderation team whose job it is to manually verify each profile that joins our site.

Check out our success stories and read about how we've helped many! Meet BBW / BHM in Saint Petersburg TODAY and connect with hundreds of thousands of singles like you now!Now hands up how many of the dudes y’all having sex with look like this dude? But never think for one second we find you any less sexy just because you’re not societies ideal of perfection. Besides, this whole journey, if you’re single or not, is 100% about you.Niggas will come and go regardless but you need to take care of you. There are a lot of you that think it’s a-ok to just balloon up cause you’re married or “happy”. However if I met you at 180lbs and you hit 280lbs please miss me with the..What they don’t show you is the hours in the gym, the meals she can’t eat and the boyfriend she can’t keep because she’s an Instagram chick that has to do ads and club promotions until she turns 30 and life settles in. No I’m not married so I don’t understand what it is to provide for a family and not have time for the gym. They look the exact same as the night colleges at 7pm: Women everywhere.Now she’s too old to maintain that lifestyle because another 1,000 21 year olds, who’ve never seen the gym in their lives, get on Instagram taking the same picture with less effort. We’re at a point on this island where the only gender trying to be smarter or be healthier are the females.

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We talked on the phone a few times and agreed to meet.

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