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We ran a quick check of the doctors in the news release.

We found one of them had a lengthy discipline history, but the medical board never revoked his license. The origin of the opioid epidemic Our research led us to question whether this was an isolated incident or if there were even more doctors who were able to continue working with patients despite serious discipline in the past.

We got to learn more about who Johnna was and how Wayne felt the system failed her.

While these statistics showed a pattern of failures in the early years of the crisis, the people we ended up speaking to as part of this investigation brought these numbers to life by taking us inside the system.

It also led us to a recovery center that serves as a haven for those recovering.

We peeled back the layers, one by one, and found there was so much more to uncover.

We knew it would be tedious since it hadn’t been done before.

But we tracked all of our findings by building a database of doctors who were able to keep their licenses despite serious histories. In the first decade of the opioid crisis, only 47 doctors lost their licenses for improper prescribing.

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