Formula for dating age difference

Traditionally, a man was expected to be established in his career and lifestyle before marriage, whereas a woman usually transferred directly from her father's household to her husband's within a couple of years of reaching adulthood, so it was considered ideal for the man to be at least somewhat older.

This trope is when a specific formula or calculation is proposed to determine either the "ideal" age gap or the maximum allowable age gap before it becomes "creepy".

When a relationship is stereotyped as something other than loving and caring, it’s easy to judge and speculate.

The research suggests that younger people are often more critical of these relationships, despite what changes in society and thought would have us believe.

Compare Age-Gap Romance, May– December Romance, Comedic Lolicon, Likes Older Women, Likes Older Men, and Wife Husbandry.

Some interpret the rule such that if you are younger, you double your years, then subtract seven. The consistent method is to subtract seven years from your age, then multiply by two.

In its earliest appearances, this rule is often cited as having French origins, although this citation always seems to appear in English-language (British or American) sources, leaving its true origin mysterious.

They know what their relationships have actually been founded on, and they believe the connection is worth defending and nurturing.

More people are open to age gap relationships for themselves than you may think.

“What I see the most is that the younger person will face a challenge that the older person has already faced and overcome, and they will struggle to empathize with that person,” Hetherington said.

The key is maintaining compassion and remaining open to experiences.

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