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They make sure to fulfill themselves first, and then find a partner to come along for their journey, not a new life that requires them to give up a life of their own.Not only do the French maintain their independence when they’re in relationships, but they also always make sure their partner knows they are extremely confident in themselves (even when they’re not).The French, in general, are turned off by perfection, as is seen in their perfectly imperfect style and beauty routines, and as is evident in their relationships.And though love is the same, no matter what genders or cultures feel it, the views and beliefs about relationships can be so varied.We often move away from our families and support systems, we’re obsessed with our phone and our jobs, we constantly have to worry about health care or child care…Is this the perfect picture that our beloved rom-coms paint?They believe that as long as you tell and show your partner that you’re beautiful, young, thin, etc., this is what they will think of you.And maybe, most importantly, this is what you will think of you too.

I never fail to sob through the endings of even though in one, they ride off into the sunset on horses like the most cheesy cliché of all time, and in the other she leaves her father and friends to be with a man she’s never actually talked to…

Scrolling through anniversary posts on Instagram (i.e., “Happy two years to my best friend!!! ”) will clue you in to the trend that intertwines romance with best friendship.

I, myself, am a believer in seeking a partner that doubles as a best friend.

But even if our hearts are sold on the fairytale, deep down we know better.

We know marriage takes hard work and patience and 42% of them end in divorce.

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