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Based on these estimates, geospatial maps were prepared to visually display the reporting jurisdictions.The data used to calculate street gangs and outlaw motorcycle gang estimates nationwide in the report are derived primarily from NDIC’s National Drug Threat Survey.Weighted national, regional, and state-level statistical estimates derived from NDTS 2010 data was based on responses received from 2,963 law enforcement agencies out of a sample of 3,465 agencies.In previous iterations of the NDTS, survey responses were validated through targeted outreach to jurisdictions.This maintains consistency with the 2009 NGTA report’s maps on gang activity.During the years the NGTA is published, many entities—news media, tourism agencies, and other groups with an interest in crime in our nationuse reported figures to compile rankings of cities and counties.In 2009, the NGIC released its second threat assessment on gang activity in the United States.

It supports US Department of Justice strategic objectives 2.2 (to reduce the threat, incidence, and prevalence of violent crime) and 2.4 (to reduce the threat, trafficking, use, and related violence of illegal drugs).

In calculating the number of street and outlaw motorcycle gangs, the low end of each range was aggregated to generate an estimate for the total number of gangs and gang members.

Prison gang member estimates were derived directly from the US Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP) and state correctional institutions across the country.

Better reporting and collection has contributed greatly to the increased documentation and reporting of gang members and gang trends.

Information in the 2011 National Gang Threat Assessment-Emerging Trends was derived from law enforcement intelligence, open source information, and data collected from the NDIC, including the 2010 NDIC National Drug Threat Survey (NDTS).

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The estimates were provided on a voluntary basis and may include estimates of gang members as well as gang associates.

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