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Guys nowadays often jump right to making crass jokes, using pet names, and figuring out if you’re ripe for the plucking (so to speak).Then they cry about not meeting a romantic partner who will care for them in their old age. Not every sexual quip is laced with lascivious intent.Bring your own device, or BYOD, may be a short-lived trend, though, thanks in part to a recent Supreme Court decision where the justices unanimously ruled that police must get a warrant to search someone’s cellphone.“Modern cellphones, as a category, implicate privacy concerns far beyond those implicated by the search of a cigarette pack, a wallet or a purse,” Chief Justice John Roberts wrote in his opinion for the court.The ruling has had much broader implications in digital privacy.“When a corporation gives you your i Phone, it’s still their i Phone,” says Max Silber, executive director of mobility at Met Tel, a telecom consulting company.Carrying around both a personal phone and work phone can be a pain and feel redundant, especially if both you and your employer like the Samsung Galaxy S5.The temptation to save a hundred bucks a month by ditching your personal phone might seem like a frugal move.

Plus, most companies will have a written policy about what they will and won’t do on a phone they give you.“The flip answer is ‘damn near anything they please,'” says J.Christopher Erb, an attorney and principal at Erb Law Firm PC in Paoli, Pennsylvania. Firstly, the sudden urge to critique myself: So am I a deviant? Secondly, how did this conversation devolve so quickly into sexting? No surprise that that relationship ended badly, and the reason I’m back on Bumble. There’s so much experimentation and radical porn confusing the issue. But under the spotlight in that seedy bar, surrounded by exuberant millennials calling out more and more risqué scenarios, I froze. After all, she’s been whispering “you’re a prude” in my ear for almost forty years. Apparently everyone else was perfectly comfortable going full monty. I moved forward in life with shameful questions about my body, my sexuality, whether I was too uptight, whether I was a prude, whether I was ‘deviant’ enough. This is exactly what is wrong with online dating today. Turns out I wasn’t deviant enough for that particular lifestyle choice, but rather than come clean about his sexual needs, he just told me I just wasn’t “loving enough”. You can read more about him here: But a better question might be, what does the word ‘deviant’ even imply these days? Some smart-ass from the back yelled out “rimming” and images of the Grand Canyon flooded my mind (I googled the term later that night to discover there’s no connection to National landmarks). Like I couldn’t remember if I’d ever been that daring? Later, of course, all kinds of witty responses came to mind, but it was too late to escape my inner critic. You see, it was a nude beach, and my mom and her bestie were ridiculing me for keeping my swimsuit on. “There’s nothing to show anyway.”And as hippie parents tended to do back then, they thought my discomfort was insanely hilarious and continued to rib me all afternoon. We were literally just messaging about weed removal ten minutes ago!

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