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It could randomly generate damage, treasure, experience, etc. For instance, the chat bot could say DM Bot: You stand on a precipice, something flies in the distance DM Bot: *I will now give players a moment to submit commands* Player A: /Atk @Target 1 w/ Bow DM Bot: Player A has submitted an attack command [. DM Bot: The creature attacks Player A and deals 12 damage to him/her. DM Bot: Remember that at any time, you can type .stats to see your stats, .skills to see your skill list, . I’ve still got all of the project files, but not much in the way of time to continue working on it.If you know of someone who may be interested in taking it over, and is skilled in PHP/My SQL, I would be more than happy to zip the project up and turn it over to them.

It’s certainly doable, and I don’t want to dissuade you from the notion, but ti’s going to be a lot of work; even if you had something like my Rifts® web app to work from.For instance DM Bot: You come to a crossroads, you can take the right [Command: Right] path where the fog builds or you can go left [Command: Left] where you hear roars in the distance.Llorianas: /Right DM Bot: You walk down the foggy path and lose your balance…A trivia bot can give players points [I have played with Diablo II trivia bots and have some all time streaks and scores] based on the result of their answers.This feature could be transformed into your experience and loot. The bot needs to be able to compare stats between opponents, that’s what is going to be truly difficult, but the role playing story part of it is just narrative with occasional “question-like” events that represent battles.

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