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We just have Holly's boss Olivia being super inappropriate and getting all up in Holly's personal life and commenting about her clothes and weight.I am still flabbergasted that Holly would not have pushed back or at least told her freaking boss she is out of line.I get that she would feel embarrassed by the whole thing, but why would you make it seem like your fault? A romance novel with at this point no romance at all besides Holly starring at some guy she called Gorgeous Guy in her head and imagining a life with him.I am not a fan of romance novels where the main character doesn't either speak up to their love interest or others. And her railing at the wedding industry and her friends and family for not telling her how marriage really is. The good news is, this book was not as horrible as Odd Mom Out. The good news is, this book was not as horrible as Odd Mom Out.I am doubtful that she's going to get there or at least that it will be written in a coherent manner at this point.

In promotional appearances especially, Kermit tends to get quite flirty with female interviewers, but these instances are mostly fleeting with a few exceptions of genuine intent.

There is nothing happening and I don't care to continue.

I stopped after Holly's mother came to visit and got angry about her leaving her husband.

Much like Devo, Road House, and dipping a Hershey's bar into a jar of peanut butter and then eating it, this book is so's good.

Making sure Betty Frieden rolls over in her grave, this book is exactly what feminist have been bitching about for years.

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