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They are in a great Aquamarine color -- which goes perfectly with Formica's re-issue last year of their aqua boomerang laminate.

(See my post on vintage stainless steel edging, too.)Included are original chrome handles. I also have the original double sinks, porcelain, Kohler, nice. Note: These base cabinets and sink bases offer 26.5 linear feet of base cabinetry.

The best part is they are already hung with nothing to haul off and you did it yourself. The sleek, chrome lines of the 1950s are really back in style these days.

If you like a retro, clean look, don't repaint those cabinets.

They just need new powder-coating, which would end up being about 10% the cost of new big-box cabinets.

Before I plunge ahead with the switch though, I want to make sure I know what I’m getting into.

The cabinets are classic Geneva's -- one of the nation's great brands -- circa 1963.You can get new pulls and handles at stores like Lowe's and other home improvement centers.Sometimes they discontinue certain styles and put them on clearance. You save even more and when you are done everything looks bright, better, clean and new at a fraction of new prices. I saw the decorating show by Christopher Lowell on the Discovery Channel on old metal cabinets.In my cabinet-quest, I already had identified many brands of steel kitchen cabinets made back in the day. First up, please read: I have not tried to identify steel and aluminum kitchen cabinets made outside the U. : Note: In my compendium, I do not include companies that seemed only to have made single-unit items.And in the years since — very often with the help of readers — we have identified 85 different brands of metal kitchen cabinets built before, during but most after World War II — mostly steel, mostly in the U. Note: In Summer 2019, I began my mega-quest to finish this encyclopedia! That is, some companies made steel hoosier cabinets… and companies like Dwyer made apartment kitchen combos.

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The product that started it all — the blog, that is: Vintage steel kitchen cabinets. Vintage steel kitchen cabinets entered my consciousness. Along the way I also obsessively researched how to put a 1950s-1960s kitchen together.

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