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For products outside the above list – especially dry, shelf-stable products (potato chips or rice, for example) – the expiration date is only considered a guideline for freshness and quality.

What contracts can be canceled within three business days? Review the contract to confirm that the three-day cancellation period has not passed.

In the State of Georgia, there are several food product areas that Georgia Department of Agriculture (GDA) Food Safety Division Inspectors are required by law to examine during a routine inspection.

It is considered unlawful to sell or offer for sale, at retail or wholesale, the following food items past the expiration date stated on the label: From a regulatory standpoint, the term “Expiration Date” is synonymous with the following terms: Pull Date, Best-By Date, Best Before Date, Use-By Date and Sell-By Date; and pertains to the last date the food products can be sold through retail or wholesale distribution.

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If the merchant failed to provide a Notice of Cancellation form, you may cancel at any time; however, once you receive the Notice form from the merchant, you only have three business days in which to cancel.

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