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Actually by the time you read this, the numbers will be double or even triple that because new naughty toons are being churned out faster than ever. The one thing this geek knows for sure is that there will never be a shortage of toons to fap off to!And how lucky are you that you don’t even have to go searching for this masturbation material?Like I was saying, I’ve spent an ungodly amount of time trying to find the best hentai websites on the web and I don’t mean to brag but I’m pretty sure I kicked the ball out of the park with my collection below.

When you figure out the latter, then go looking for that on all the other sites.

That’s right, I gathered it all for you in one place so just click on one of the sites below and off to masturbation-land you go. Sure, speaking Japanese helps a ton because most of the best hentai porn is in that language but there’s quite a bit of it in English too.

In fact there’s plenty of drawn porn available in English these days.

Its like comparing a Ferrari 488 Pista Spider to a Honda.

The ferrari would win every single time and the same is true for the premium/free debate.

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