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You barely ever get the days off that you requested.

They work you very little part time hours but want you to be available full time for them. The only people who want to work there are the ones who have been there for 15 years and plan to retire. I couldn't have asked for a better company to work for. I enjoyed the quick pace and my coworkers and supervisors were great for the most part.

I stocked the grocery shelves and worked my way up to Dairy Supervisor.

This was the worst job I have worked, cold conditions, incredibly strenuous lifting, and overcrowded workplace. Every worker was rude and seemed to hate their job, friendly hellos and greetings were rare.

They tell you that you’ll get 30 hours per week and then try to make something up on why you can’t receive them.

Also, they tell you that you’ll get an average of 3 Sunday’s (days that are paid time and a half) and then you don’t receive them. The other cake decorator got the same amount of hours as me and did NOTHING.

It is the second largest banking institution in the United States, after JPMorgan Chase.

They tell you that there are opportunities to grow, but there never are. You can basically do whatever you want and wear whatever you want, even with the dress code.

The Bank of America Corporation (abbreviated as Bof A) is an American multinational investment bank and financial services company based in Charlotte, North Carolina, with central hubs in New York City, London, Hong Kong, Minneapolis, and Toronto.

Bank of America was formed through Nations Bank's acquisition of Bank America in 1998.

Six years of wanting to improve my work environment. The hardest part was at closing time possibly having someone come and beg for a special request that would be very time consuming.

I interviewed and immediately got the job, no background check or anything.

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Through a series of mergers and acquisitions, it built upon its commercial banking business by establishing Merrill Lynch for wealth management and Bank of America Merrill Lynch for investment banking in 20, respectively.

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