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During that time, they all hoped to meet a Thai woman they were compatible with and, hopefully, get married.With many western men coming to Thailand to meet women by signing up with a dating agency in Bangkok, however, is this really the way to go?I met one man who had paid an agency more than ,000 for introductions to five Thai women.Not only did he say the agency had done nothing to even check whether these women had anything in common with him (they didn’t), but in his estimation at least three of the five were either former or current prostitutes.Both also said the Thai agency owner had obviously done her homework as she introduced them to several women that were quite compatible and all seemed to be hard-working ‘normal Thai women’ with jobs in schools, offices and department stores.The American man has been married to his Thai wife for six years now, and both still seem exceptionally happy. If you meet a woman you like do they help with the paperwork for her visa to be able to travel to your country or will you have to do it yourself?In my opinion it really depends where you’re in your life. if you can’t get a date on your own then hiring an agency seems counter productive when instead you should be looking for a dating coach, but a lot of these agencies have coaches or are coaches themselves so it never hurts to speak to them.

I base everything I do on honesty and real results, so in saying this it’s good for some and not for others.She may know of one or two women back in Thailand that would like to meet a western man.Introductions can be made over the internet and then, if the woman is someone you think you’d like to meet, you can always arrange for a vacation to Thailand to do so.3.Many dating agencies charge the equivalent of ,500 or more just for introductions to three or four Thai women over the course of a few days.With no guarantees of whether you’ll hit it off with any of them, or even if any of the women will like you, ,500 is a large amount of money to spend. Think very carefully before you agree to a fee this large.

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