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, and their selection aimed to most appropriately capture the shape of the mandible but also facilitate comparisons with specific sets of measurements used in the existing literature.Most of the landmark definitions were obtained from Franklin et al. In total, 23 measurements were used in the subsequent analysis, from which three were angular and 11 bilateral linear measurements.Our findings showed that the most precise measurement was Bic BR and the least precise one was Sy H.The corresponding ranges concerning the inter-observer error were 0.28–0.84 mm and 0.46–2.77%, respectively.The expression of sexual dimorphism was identified by means of ANOVA and univariate linear discriminant analysis on each measurement to identify those that can be most effectively used in sex assessment regarding the Greek population.

The three-dimensional coordinates of 16 landmarks (3 midline and 13 bilateral) were extracted from the respective models with Mesh Lab software (Cignoni et al.

These traits concerned the right-side measurements, RH, MRH, CH, CGL and Max ML, which were subsequently used in multivariate DFA.

summarize the statistics of the discriminant function analysis for all the DFs derived from the Greek population sample for the right- and the left-side measurements, respectively.

Bilateral measurements were calculated for both sides of each mandible.

is the unit normal of the mandibular base plane calculated by three most inferior points of the mandibular body and v is a vector from any of these points to the landmark whose projective distance is being calculated Intra- and inter-observer error was estimated using absolute and relative technical error measurement (ΤΕΜ) as well as reliability coefficient R for each measurement based on a subsample of 20 randomly chosen individuals.

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