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Data Member = "Table1" 'Bind the data set & table to the first Grid View, so that data is displayed in the Grid View dg Ship Data1.

Data Bind() ' "sda Ship Data2" Data Adapter called to fill the second dataset sda Ship Data2.

It acts like the SQL command (Ole Db Command) is being skipped and not executed.

I have controls set up in the Page_Load event to populate the Grid View, so it seems like when the Row Updating event is fired off by clicking the Update button in the Grid View, it is jumping right to the Page_Load event.

Data Source = ds Ship Update 'Define the Table to use for populating the second Grid View ("Table1" is the default table in a generic data set) dg Ship Data2. Grid View Update Event Args) Handles dg Ship Data2.

Data Member = "Table1" 'Bind the data set & table to the second Grid View, so that data is displayed in the Grid View dg Ship Data2. Row Updating 'Get the Grid View Row object that represents the row being edited Dim index As Integer = dg Ship Data2.

Here is the code I have in my Page_Load event handler (sorry for all the comment code... Text & "'" & _ "ORDER BY rcta.trx_number", cn) 'Define second Data Adapter sda Ship Data2 = New Ole Db Data Adapter("SELECT aspd.invoice_number, aspd.order_type_code, aspd.ship_date, " & _ "aspd.deliver_date, aspd.process_date, aspd.qa_buyoff_date, aspd.lot_no, aspd.notes, aspd.built_in_freight, aspd.actual_freight " & _ "FROM aar_ship_perform_data aspd, ra_customer_trx_all rcta " & _ "WHERE rcta.trx_number = aspd.invoice_number( ) " & _ "AND rcta.interface_header_attribute1 = '" & txt Order Number.

Find Control("Notes Text Box"), Text Box) Dim dg Built In Freight As Text Box = CType(row.

Find Control("Built In Freight Text Box"), Text Box) Dim dg Actual Freight As Text Box = CType(row.

Find Control("QABuy Off Date Text Box"), Text Box) Dim dg Lot Number As Text Box = CType(row.

Find Control("Lot Number Text Box"), Text Box) Dim dg Notes As Text Box = CType(row.

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