Guru girl dating game

So clicking on the search button it brings up a really cool page with lots of choices to narrow down your search.

And in clicking this it actually shows you how many pics are inside the site, there are 251,988 at the time of this review.

When you go to categories there is a nice list of A to Z of many different categories to check out. There is also a video section much to my happy surprise.

I love the celebrity section, its very large and has thumbnails for each girl also stating under the pic how many photos are inside.

There is a button on the left that you can’t miss called Post Boobs.

I added a pic of Chrissy Marie just to try it out and it is very quick and a lot of fun actually!

So back to the menu, if you click on Best there is a dropdown with Babe of the day, the week, the month and The Best Boobs Ever and below that the best boob gifs. And yes I went there first and was presented with a hot girl with a guy behind her taking off her shirt and her big boobs jiggled. I’ll be stuck here looking at this site for a while.

There is also a very large biography for each celebrity then her pics below that, so you could literally stay inside one girl’s page for a long time depending on how many photos they have.

There is a map page showing where all the girls are from, when you click on a country it brings up only girls from that country. The fact that you can register for free then upload your own pics makes this site even more interesting to me.

So many really hot celebs are here and the biography page of each girl is really awesome and goes into great detail about her.

Even though this is a photo site and so many sites are all about videos these days it was a nice change of pace for me, just to site back and relax going through so many hot boobs and voting on them, guessing the size etc. but yeah I would seriously highly recommend this site.

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