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Age is the crucial factor with those in their 20s and 30s more than twice as likely to be living with someone from another background as those over 65, reflecting a less rigid approach to identity over time.But the figures also shows marked differences in attitudes to outsiders within different communities – often reflected in the whether people are married or cohabiting.Interracial marriage in the United States has been legal in all U. states since the 1967 Supreme Court decision Loving v.Virginia that deemed "anti-miscegenation" laws unconstitutional. The proportion of interracial marriages as a proportion of all marriages has been increasing since, such that 15.1% of all new marriages in the United States were interracial marriages by 2010 compared to a low single-digit percentage in the mid 20th century.But the fact that those in mixed relationships are overall 50 per cent more likely to be cohabiting than married also reflects the shift away from marriage among younger people.An ONS commentary explained: “Age is likely to play a factor in inter-ethnic relationships in a number of ways.Learn more about how Oath collects and uses data and how our partners collect and use data.

Interracial marriages have typically been highlighted through two points of view in the United States: Egalitarianism and cultural conservatism.

Public approval of interracial marriage rose from around 5% in the 1950s to around 80% in the 2000s.

The proportion of interracial marriages is markedly different depending on the ethnicity and gender of the spouses.

For example, in the British Bangladeshi community, those who are cohabiting are seven times more likely to be with someone from another background as those who are married.

It suggests that cultural barriers still make it more difficult for those in inter-ethnic relationships to formalise their status by marriage.

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