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It is said that he had an aptitude for mechanics and that he made a living as an itinerant watchmaker.

By the age of 36 he had found his way to Xenia, Ohio where in September 1855 he married Anna Maria Huntington and set up a jewellery business.

The seed was sown by a man who would, in the end, not have any actual association with Hampden; Donald Joaquin Mozart.

Mozart was born in Italy in 1818 and emigrated to the US with his parents at the age of three.

The former president and secretary retained their offices; George Walker was elected as Treasurer and O. The first movements placed on the market were known as "The Springfield", "John L. In the Spring of 1877 the stock and bond holders once again reorganized, this time under a new name the Hampden Watch Company.

Using fresh capital, they purchased the machinery from the old New York Watch Manufacturing Company.

In the summer of 1866 Donald Mozart was dismissed from the company that bore his name. With Mozart gone the company changed its name, in 1867, to the New York Watch Company and moved to Springfield Massachusetts where it purchased two buildings into which it moved the machinery. The ability of last two men to work well together had much to do with the initial success. Norton," and "Albert Clark", many of these names being company officers.

The site was between modern-day Van Horn Park and Wait Street on the north side of Armory Road. The factory was destroyed by fire on April 25th 1870, but many of the machines and much of the materials were saved. In 1871 the company placed a size-18 full plate movement on the market.

Just prior to the Hampden movement being transported to the Soviet Union a 'White Émigré who had escaped the purges following the communist revolution, was building up the Clinton Watch Co. There is little documentation in the public domain about the important and extended period when the Hampden heritage was rescued by the Manheimer Watch Co., and later the Clinton Watch Company., today's Hampden Corporation and I hope to engage others to contribute to that important chapter in the brands survival.

Use this table to look up the serial number of your Hampden Pocket Watch and hence the year of manufacture.

When looking for the number on your watch you should be looking at the serial number on the movement, not the case.

This is not a work of great academia - I'm a storyteller not an expert.

I have no wish to hide the fact that I have transposed other peoples work.

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This enterprise ended in failure due to manufacturing difficulties and the family moved back to New York.

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