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We currently live in a world where "Netflix and chill" is a common phrase in our vocabulary, a code for getting it in and a way to get laid with minimal effort. Not that it matters, you won't be watching much of it anyway... This movie is all about awkward interactions, one night stands and the complications of relationships.

By the time you get bae in bed with you, cuddle up cozy and press play, you probably already have your pants off. That's all great, but what movie do you put on during the first two seconds of your date?!

the first and only horror movie to be shot completely on an i Phone camera?

I mean, we’re living in an age of found footage oversaturation that’s exploring every possible movie-viewing-medium, be it through watching a computer screen (), so the fact that there isn’t an ENTIRE found-footage-i Phone movie in existence makes me think this stale subgenre may have some fresh vitality left.

With nowhere else to go, Katia (Natascha Wiese) suggests they use her grandparents house for privacy, and the two boys gear up for a night of sexual bliss – but the good times don’t last very long.

would stem from grainy i Phone camera images and limited viewpoints, but the film’s most distracting factor is two aggressively moronic lead characters who redefine the boundaries of genre stupidity.

is a torturous psychological thriller without brains, masked as a paranormal revenge flick about tourists who get caught in a vacation from Hell.

This movie is fun and flirty, and perfect to watch with someone who you may or may not have feelings for.

This is the movie to watch with someone you're currently hooking up with but secretly want more from.

Unfortunately, none of that reinvigorated energy emerges throughout – an aggravating bit of bro-horror that’s built on a few cheap jump scares, disgusting dialogue delivered by unlikable leads, and a sloppily undercooked haunted house story that’s dropped like a bad cell call.

‘s two lead characters, Tonio (Jonah Ehrenreich) and Peter (Stephen Ohl).

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