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But apparently making people storm off just comes naturally to Stefan.The next morning, the chefs load into the [brand name excised until I get a piece of that sweet, sweet sponsorship action] SUV to head off to gather ingredients.With their 15 minutes of canned-food infamy up, Hung and Padma start sampling.The bad: Leah (too-crispy French toast), Radhika (too-plain bean dip) and Jamie (too little, too yuck).Their baskets filled, the chefs head into the kitchen to cook. On Team Pork, Radhika cleans and grills corn for an hour, which makes me think maybe I have a shot at this business.Over at Team Lamb, Ariane has butchered the lamb and is having a hard time tying up her rolled roasts. But then off camera she seems decidedly less helpful: “Ariane doesn’t know how to tie a roast.This chapter contains the prophecies spoken by the prophet Hosea son of Beeri, and was delivered about the time of Israel's seeking the aid of the Egyptian king So, in violation of their covenant with Assyria (see Hosea 12:1).

After the double whammy of last week, the chefs feign sadness at seeing Eugene and Melissa leave. They then proceed to create a mosh pit of chef coats as they all grab for such delicacies as Spam and queso dip. For once, In the melee for ingredients, Fabio refuses to share his artichokes with Hosea.

Stone Barns is the farm for chef Dan Barber’s acclaimed restaurant, Blue Hill.

The cheftestants walk right into the fields to collect ingredients.

They virtually have chefgasms as they smell and pick the off-the-vine produce.

As Team Chicken tours the hen house, Stefan makes a crack about being “the only cock in the stall.” Wow, really, Bravo? What’s next, going to a dog pound and then calling all the female contestants bitches?

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But wait, this isn’t their normal trip to [name of brand excised; pay up suckas] grocery store.

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  1. Most everything else is window-dressing and not too important to me. I live and work in northern NJ, am a lover of arts and travel, and am a down-to-earth sort who suffers fools poorly. It would be wonderful to find someone whose company I enjoy, on a low-key basis. I'm relaxed, quiet at first but less reserved with time.