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Hungarian bread, which is called Magyar kenyér, is seen during most meals.Goulash, a stew made of beef, potatoes, and other ingredients is very popular.Something that I was surprised at was the fact that other men and women greet by shaking hands, and the woman is expected to extend her hand first!Women are typically expected to stay at home and take care of the children, while men are usually the workers and providers in the Hungarian culture.Although drinking beer is popular among Hungarians, wine drinking is also something that they enjoy, and growing grapes and wine-making is popular as well.The growth of corn, potatoes, wheat, sunflower seeds, sugar beets, and barley are common crops.

), Hungary is a beautiful nation, well-known for its beautiful brown-haired, brown-eyed women. So, with this information in mind, let’s have a look at the traits of Hungarian women. Perhaps a couple of hundred years ago there was, but the world has moved on and opened up and everyone eats Mac Donalds and drinks Coca-Cola!To support good health, Hungarians sometimes go to thermal baths and other spas.The majority of Hungarians are Roman Catholic, and the others are Calvinist Reformed, Lutheran, and about 1% is Jewish.Wheat is the most important crop, and pig breeding is the most important type of animal breeding.For special occasions, such as weddings, chicken soup, gulyás, rice dishes, stuffed cabbage, tortes, and other baked goods are often served.

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