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The secret to success with a business of this kind is advertising that presents your services with second to none and revolutionizing business flair - while still maintaining good taste.A reputation is a delicate thing, which can take years to build up and mere moments to sully.7.) Texaco Racial Discrimination Lawsuit (1994) Texaco were in serious trouble after secret conversations recorded between executives revealed racist discrimination, causing six African-American employees to file a lawsuit.The CEO for Texaco, Peter Biljar, issued a public apology and admitted embarrassment, suspending the executives involved and cutting their benefits.The ultimate crisis, all of Odwalla’s apple and carrot products were recalled at a cost of .5 million.Such was the gravity of the situation; CEO Stephen Williamson acted accordingly, promising to pay all medical costs.Cadbury were not quick out the blocks to deal with this one and they denied any chance of contamination happening in the manufacturing stage, clashing with the FDA and the media as a result.Soon realising the scale of the issue, the company pulled all its advertising and ran an educational PR project for the media.

The company eased tensions further by hiring African-American owned ‘Uniworld Group’ to run their next advertising campaign.5.) Odwalla Foods' Apple Juice outbreak (1996) Possibly the worst nightmare for any food company, Washington State established that an e-coli outbreak was linked to Odwalla’s unpasteurized apple juice.One child died, 60 people were taken sick and 20 lawsuits were filled.Things quickly took speed after the Telegraph decided to run with the story.Not a crisis as such, but JC Penney showed exactly how to deal with a situation like this – quickly and not taking yourself too seriously.

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S Speed skating team, vowing to recommit their efforts to the suit design.

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