Ideas for updating an office building

City dwellers could opt for sleeker lines with modern furniture and accessories. Create a Pinterest board of images that you like and you should see a repeated style or color theme coming up.

Download the free Lowe's Creative Ideas app on your phone or tablet.

For owners, common areas might not seem like a huge priority when it comes to making upgrades, but many experts beg to differ.

According to residential interior design experts, a building's common areas should not be neglected since shabby lobbies, hallways, community rooms, or even doorways and vestibules can detract from a building's overall appearance, and possibly take away from the value of each individual unit.

Even though you only spend a few seconds per day in the elevator cab, everyone squeezing in with their bags and umbrellas makes it an easy target for scuffs and scratches.

"The look of common areas is important, especially the lobby, which is the first impression one has of the building," says Liz Morehouse, president of Morehouse Design Associates, Inc.

in Manhattan, and a specialist in designing public areas of residential apartment buildings.

Tip #1For rooms that feel dark and heavy, brighten them up by painting the room a light and neutral color.

Shop Paint Tip #2In a small space, use pieces that can perform double duty.

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And even though a homeowner may maintain their own apartment very well, [a poorly maintained common area] could lead to thoughts in the buyer's mind that maybe there are some financial problems in the building." "Good-looking common areas are important as a prelude to the rest of the building," says Marjorie Hilton, president of Manhattan-based Marjorie Hilton Interiors.

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