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while it is indeed true that blondes have more fun, brunettes are better in-between the sheets. According to Illicit, almost 6 out of 10 people agree that brunettes are better in bed, while, rather unsurprisingly, more men think about sex on a daily basis than women, so there’s that. An island, somewhere within 100 miles of Portsmouth, is up for sale, and Illicit (a dating website for married people) are in “advanced negotiations” to purchase it. To create a getaway for adulterers to spend some quality time together, one complete with accommodation, boardrooms to video call home to your partner, and hell, they’re even transporting you by helicopter. We’ll have to wait to find out, as “Illicit Retreat” opens sometime next year.

You can sign up to their mailing list here, if you’re into that sort of thing.

Have you ever wanted to know how many adulterers are in your town?

Well, now you can (there’s literally an answer for everything it seems).

The surveyed also voted on the top European cheating destinations and found Prague to be the top contender.

What is interesting is that cheaters actually believe what they’re doing doesn’t constitute as cheating as long as it’s done on holiday; perhaps the anonymity of infidelity abroad minimizes the guilt factor, thus making it feel less deceptive.

“They can tell me their wildest fantasies because they don’t have to go to parents’ night with me, or face me the next morning as the kids squabble over the breakfast table.” Sounds good to me, where can I sign up? “So if you don’t love your partner, why don’t you just get a divorce? It’s certainly a viable solution, one that makes sense on many levels, and in certain cases it’s the most reasonable and common outcome to a busted marriage.In any case, I think that Debbie Brown is doing it right. To the naked eye, it’s an innocent list of Christmas gifts. A sharp new suit, a brand new smell, a new phone (for who, exactly? he’s after someone else, or maybe he’s already found her. Whether that means there’s a lack of experimentation, passion, or semblance of intimacy, someone can only accept so much.“I’ve had affairs with some ­absolutely gorgeous, very well-heeled men, who take me to the finest restaurants,” she says. According to our friends over at Illicit, it could be a telltale sign that your partner is an adulterer. It’s natural, it’s instinctive, and if a relationship can’t satisfy a common urge or desire, it won’t last too long. You were swept away, rushed in, and now find yourself with more of a tinge of regret some years down the line.It’s win-win.” Spokesperson for Illicit Claire Page said “Let’s be honest here, what do you actually expect goes on – on a girls or lads holiday?Plenty of married people play away on holidays abroad; it’s just something nobody bats an eye at anymore. Apparently some think not, I can totally understand the thought process behind this though.

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Divorce isn’t for everyone, and it’s not exactly a no-brainer. Going to bars isn’t working, the gym isn’t faring that much better, and that friend of a friend that your brother set you up with turned out to be the jerk that you suspected him to be in the first place. Now’s not the time for compromise, so set yourself some ideal, but realistic, expectations. There are few things worse in the world of online dating than meeting Adam, the 6ft 3, well-built, gym enthusiast, to find that he’s a few inchers shorter, a few pounds heavier, and his salary has one less digit in it.

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