Infoblox not updating dns

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Hi - first post, pls forgive any improprieties, they're unintentional.

Today we had an issue with a DNS record that got dynamically updated with a wrong IP found out that the update was made by a domain joined windows dhcp server which had the IPv4 DNS options to "Dynamically update DNS A and PTR records for DHCP clients that do not request updates".

Seems to me it would work if we disabled DDNS updates for the wifi scope - but we would have to figure out how to move those devices to a different scope - which would involve a lot of AP config etc.

Does anyone have the steps to change from an Active Directory DNS to just infoblox.

Because of the TXT record, the hostname is married to the clients MAC.

Now the question is, if there are users who have the need to replace the NIC (built-in or discrete) and use the same hostname, this will be problematic because the hostname is already married to the old NIC (MAC), hence the workstation that was replaced, and renamed, will not get a hostname.

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We have a set of mobile PCs which connect via Verizon when in the field, but via wifi when the vehicles in which they are mounted drive into the facility.

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